Gulec Children’s Shelter

Our Chairman of the Board Mr. Kamil GÜLEÇ decided to build a new kindergarten in 2008 due to the unfavorable and noncontemporary conditions of the Bulak Kindergarten operated by SHÇEK and located in Bulak village which is the birthplace of Kamil Güleç. The villa houses that introduced a new system in Turkey were presented with 5 villas with the service name of Gulec Sevgi Houses in 2009.

In each of these houses we have 13 children aged between 6 and 12 living in the most contemporary conditions in the supervision and care of our housemothers and the houseaunts. In addition to the needs of 52 children in total, it was aimed to raise the achievement of our children's school achievements to the highest level by providing supplementary courses on curriculum lessons by volunteer teachers who are members of the Gulec Sevgi Houses Association. All future members of the family will continue to work for the future of our children.