ÇAĞ ÇELİK INC. was established in 1978 and started its production with ribbed Iron-Steel products and by increasing the product range in time in the direction of changing market demands, it has completed its renewal and automation investments that provide an increase in production and quality by following the latest technological possibilities in the production of Iron&Steel.

In 2001, it established the largest waste treatment plant in Western Black Sea area and was awarded with the Environmental Award by demonstrating the sensitivity of environmentally friendly production. Again depending on our environmental sensitivity, the first furnace working with natural gas in the northern region was commissioned.

Our company has documented its quality understanding and expertise in the sector with TSE quality conformity and manufacturing sufficiency certificate taken in 90’s, ISO 9001-2000 quality management system certificate completed in 2000’s and CE marked in 2006.

Today we have a production capacity of 500.000 ton/year at a closed area of 50.000 m2. We export 80% of our production to more than 120 countries and with a clear conscience and honour, we employ more than 350 staff and contribute to the economy of our country where the unemployment is the biggest problem. We have produced high quality products by combining our expertise and experience with our managers, our engineers, our civil servants, our technical staff and our qualified workers. Our works have become our references, our references have become our mirror. We are a team; None of us are as strong as all of us together. Today we are stronger than yesterday, we are producing more projects today. Because tomorrows will be standing by today's work. We know it, we work and we race over time.